Making Room and A New Year Resolution

It’s funny how much preparation takes place when you are expecting a baby. We are having work done on our home to make room for the baby as well as some other fun adjustments. We are looking at the best strollers, the prettiest nurseries for ideas and constantly tossing around names. We are making room in our hearts and our minds for the future. Being that I’m a first time mom, I’m reading all kinds of baby information and filling my mind with all kinds of new realizations. This baby is so very deserving of all that we are doing to prepare for him. I feel so blessed and at times very connected to the Lord for what he’s done in me, through the love I have for Him that led me to my husband. And then it leads me to the next thought….

“Jesus is coming too, and His coming will be so much more important to me then my own child.” But am I preparing with as much intention and focus as I have with this child of mine? Honest answer. No. Not at all. I want to change that.

The holidays seem to be a time of reflection for a lot of us. And with a new year on its way, I want to do it different then I did the year before. Although I am constantly pursuing my relationship with Jesus in some way, I still haven’t prepared my life, my heart and mind for Him as if He is coming! I get busy and focus on “today” instead of what really matters. I forget that I’m on mission for Him daily to let others see His light through me so that they can also be ready for when he comes. I forget that the only thing that is not fleeting is the kingdom I’m building in eternity while I’m here on earth. “Building an empire” here is worthless. It can vanish in a day! That’s the reality. Nothing on earth is permanent. NOTHING!

So as we reflect on the year, I think asking ourselves some questions could bring the success of a life time in this coming year!

1. Have we added anyone to His kingdom this year by sharing His light because of the way we live our lives?

2. Are we truly participating in Gods work on earth or are we solely focused on what we can accomplish by our own strength?

3. Is our life based on our plans or on His plans?

4. Are we connected to the Holy Spirit, consistently in prayer and asking Him for guidance?

5. Who or what am I living for?

I want to be the innkeeper that made room for the coming of the Lord. I want Him in every part of my life. I want Him to be part of every decision and every response. I will be making room for two babes this year. Will you join in?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for growing with me this year and subscribing and sharing His light. I love you all very much. Sisters in Christ always and forever. ❤️

Jill Rohrbaugh

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