Beat Mom Burnout + LIVE Coaching Call With a Mom Mindset Coach

Hey Faith-full Mama’s!
Today we have Melissa Peduzzi on the show. She is a Christian Mindset Coach who is passionate about helping devoted moms change their thought patterns and transform their minds so that they can take back the joy, presence, and balance in their life.  She talks about how we can beat mom burnout, think on purpose to create the life we desire, as well as , common pitfalls, and practical ways to practice new thoughts to create life transformation. We are reminded today that we don’t have to be a victim to circumstances of life, but can purposefully show up authentically how we desire. She coaches me LIVE on the show and it will be sure to help you reframe your thinking as well! Listen to the episode here.
You can find her free resource  “New Thoughts to Practice for Moms to Create MORE JOY!” here:
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