Fabulously Flawed and It’s PURPOSE: 

A few years ago I was sitting on the beach, a single woman with my family and it became so clear to me that this blog was what God wanted me to do. I lived in painful relationships for ten years straight and then found the love of my life in Jesus.  That’s when the cycle stopped and His calling on my life became clear. And that was to share my story by sharing all the things I love. I had lived with so much pain and He wanted it to have a purpose. SO here we are today!

1 Corinthians 12 says that we were purposefully created to need one another’s gifts! Which means NONE of us are complete! So this blog is here to serve you.  My prayer is that with my unique gifts from God,  I can help you in areas where you need some inspiration! Author Michelle Myers, in her book “Famous in Heaven and at Home” says it best on leadership: “Get in line behind me. I’m going wherever Jesus goes. Not, “Watch me, because I have it all together!”

So as I follow Jesus, I hope you follow behind in the every day “stuff.”  You can expect to see how I put clothes together from Target or Marshall’s and when you can get them on SALE, because you’d rather use your money for a memorable vacation with your family!  I’ll post my favorite make-up that’s under 10 bucks, because let’s face it, I’m not into $75 lipstick that I’ll lose between my seats anyway!  I’ll post about the fight my husband and I had after date night and discuss how we are imperfectly perfect with God in hopes to encourage YOUR marriage from our mistakes! I’ll post how to make a corner of your home look cute with just $50! We need each other’s help. We need each other’s gifts and I hope to share mine with you by making “flawed” FABULOUS!

My story: I have been down. I have been in some of the darkest of places. I have done the constant cycle of bad relationships, abusive relationships, codependency, nights out to hide my pain that led to even more pain, the victim mindset, and more – I’ve been through it all! But now I’m married to a wonderful man and have 3 beautiful stepchildren and we have two of our own! God has done a work in me because I turned to him. “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be answered.” I realized living life my way just didn’t work! But living life the way God intended has made ALL the difference.