So you say you’ve got it all?

I spend a lot of time on social media. It’s always been part of my job and also part of my part time time gigs. Everyday, at one point or another, I see someone post a shameless selfie showing a new Chanel bag or a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and I get to thinking…”but is she happy?”

I often wonder if God gives some people everything they want just so they can end up realizing that without Him, they are still unhappy. This thought goes along with my blog post from last week when the question “why do good things happen to bad people?” came up. To the world it may look like these people get the dream house, the family, the success etc. But what do they really have if when they lay their head down at night, they still feel empty? I’d imagine it could only make them feel worse. They’d ponder how they thought that if they “just had this one thing then they’d be happy” but when they got “that thing” they still weren’t! We see this so often with actors and famous people. They realize they can have anything they want but emptiness KILLS them inside and they often turn to drugs or alcohol looking for more only to end up 6 feet under. Doesn’t this alone prove to us that NOTHING earthly was ever meant to satisfy us and that we were meant to be fulfilled by something BIGGER?

Romans 8:6 “To be earthly minded is to death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” The Book states it in plain lettering that if we are nothing but earthly minded in things like pop culture, politics, clothes and “stuff” then life is death! But when we set our spiritual minds above it all we live in peace and have life!

Christmas is a time that can really suck us into what the world has to offer.
So I ask that we all ask ourselves: Where is my mind focused today? Am I fulfilled with a deep love in and for my creator or am I empty still looking for earthly things to fill me up?

Praying today for all of us to be more spiritually minded so that peace and life overwhelms us especially at this blessed time of Christmas!


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