Love defined

Those nails, that whip, those thorns, that cross. He was so undeserving, yet I am. It should be me.

God knew He couldn’t define love to us with words or feelings but He had to with an example. We needed to see it in action.

The Old Testament showed us our depravity so we would never confuse being able to be “good enough” for heaven. We are sinful. It’s our nature. God wanted to give us everything in the garden of Eden. But we wanted to be God. And today we all still struggle with that same demon of wanting the control.

BUT GOD still loves us so much that he can’t stand having heaven without his creation- us. So he defines the true meaning of love in the New Testament. The New Testament = “His love defined.” We confuse love these days. We think love looks like fairy tales, sex or lustful impurity. But real love is what God did for us through Jesus. Real love is suffering for one another, sacrificing for one another and laying down one’s life to bring each other to the eternity that awaits us. If we would only recognize our need for Him and see how much He loves us.

So often we hear people say “sometimes love just isn’t enough.” But the truth is, “love is always enough” if your definition of it is defined by the one who created it. So many of us are disillusioned these days by what we think love is. The love that saved me in that church 8 years ago, was one that did not judge me for my past, accepted my flaws and then sacrificed and died for them!

Love wins. Yes. But only when it’s His love defined. Who or what have you let define love?

Thank you God for your sacrifice of your son Jesus to show us true love on this good, Good Friday!

Standing Firm is a Life Lived on Your Knees

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” -Matthew 23:12

God’s kingdom is upside down.  It’s the literal opposite reflection of what the world says.  The world says “be proud” and God’s kingdom says “be humble.” It says “get even” when God says “turn the other cheek.”  Or how about “stand up and fight” when meanwhile God says “humility, meekness and longsuffering” (Colossians 3:12.)  And probably one of the most prevalent for women is that the world says “beauty is what is seen” when God says it’s “the good things we do” that makes us attractive (1 Tim 2:10.)

Standing in the World Instead of Kneeling to the Word

For far too long, I’ve lived my life standing on my own two feet.  In moments I do take to my knees but I never stay there too long.  I don’t trust it enough there.  I don’t trust HIM enough to stay there.  It’s just that I want some control because I don’t have enough faith to believe that God is good all the time. I say it and I know it, but deep down I haven’t completely believed it. I haven’t humbled myself enough to believe that “apart from Him, I can do nothing.” John 15:5

The truth is, when I’m on my own two feet, it takes much less to knock me down. I’m easily offended and easily angered. I am more insecure and unsure because I’m relying all on myself. When I’m standing on my own two feet, things can take me out at the knees. This is not just physically true but spiritually true too.  When I come up with my own grand plan, thought or idea and it doesn’t work or someone says something negative about it, I crawl into a negative place of fear, insecurity and defensiveness.

But when I’m living on my knees and life tries to take me out, it can’t because I’m rooted. I’m in a position of humility, surrender and trust. I am rooted because I’m not depending on “self” anymore.  I’m dependent on God’s foundation of truth and love and wisdom and no longer depending on my own ideas. I depend on His. And when I depend on His ways, I know the outcome is His.  It’s all in His hands, not mine. And that changes everything.  That leads me into a life of ease with peace in my heart. He says “my yoke is easy and my burden is light” in Matthew 11:30.  And it truly is. Yet we often insist on not trusting that.

Bottom Line

God’s upside down kingdom has shown me lately that standing firm in the Christian life is really a life lived kneeling in surrender.  And that humbling myself will lead to being exalted.  I’m done with exalting myself.  I’m done with trusting in myself.  I’ve been taken out at the knees far too many times. I want to live my life in full surrender to the one I am in absolute awe of. He deserves it all.  All of me.  It’s all for His glory.

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1


So if this is you too, I invite you to say this prayer with me:

Lord, I’m done fighting this fight of life on my own two feet. I’m done relying on myself for responses and ideas on what life should look like for me.  In my marriage, health, kids, home, and career, I’ve often stood proud fighting the fight alone instead of on my knees asking you how to do it and what you want it to look like. I’m sorry for not humbling myself enough to trust you.  And I am sorry that I haven’t always believed that you are good all the time because if I did I’d always do it your way.  Keep me on my knees.  Humble me.  And enable me to live a life in full surrender to you, trusting you always. I want all the glory to belong to you from here on out.  I know this is your will and you will see it through in me.  Thank you for this. In your amazing, holy, holy, HOLY name I pray. Amen.






Purpose For Your Pain


Purpose for your Pain

Do you know that everything you’ve gone through has a purpose? 

Every fall, every tear, every burn.  It shaped you. It taught you. It blessed you. Now you may read this and say “how can pain bless me?”  But I ask you, is there any other way?

Think about when you were a child and you started walking.  I’m sure when you fell down, it hurt.  But it gave you more perseverance to not fall the next time because you didn’t want to hurt again! Well the same goes with your life today. Your pain teaches you. It teaches you to grow and be strong even when it hurts like heck! 

I read a quote one time that really zapped me to the core.  It was said by one of the most amazing women in history that had to overcome so much just to live in the world, let alone make history! Her name was Helen Keller. She said “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved!’ You are strong from your past. You see more clearly from your experience.  Without all you’ve gone through, your soul would not have been awakened to even stumble across this blog.

Use your pain today for a purpose. Write down how you’ve fallen and how you plan on getting back up stronger than ever so that that you don’t fall the same way again. Then most importantly, thank God today for allowing this pain to teach you.

You’re a beautiful woman of the most high and you are royalty that belongs to the King of Kings. You are WORTHY!

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