3 Practical Ways to Beat Overwhelm

I don’t know about you, but as a wife and mom, there are many days I wake up a bit overwhelmed by the tasks that have to get done, the conversations that have to be had and also the emotional and spiritual things that need to be addressed. I wonder how and when I should take on each and most of the time I don’t even stop to ask the Lord for His help. This leads me almost every time to worry, stress and anxiety. 

So, how do we fight the urge to rely on ourselves? 

Here are 3 practical ways to beat overwhelm:

  1. Pause and breath: In the Bible, the word for this is Selah. How often do we stop ourselves from going down the rabbit hole and just breath and take in the Lord’s presence for our life? 
  2. Do the next right thing: After you quiet your heart and mind, just get yourself to the place of doing the next right thing. This is where we rely totally and completely on the Holy Spirit and ask Him what we should do next. We stop looking at the whole picture and just look at the next step in front of us. Scripture says “your word is a lamp for my feet. A light on my path” (Psalm 119:105.) When you think of holding a candle to light your way in the dark, you only need to get the next step right to get to where you are going. So ask Him for His light to guide you.
  3. Pray:  Our lifeline is prayer. The Word says to “Pray about everything without ceasing” (Thessalonians 5:17).  Ask God to show you how to do it His way. Because our own way is never the best way. 

Here’s a prayer to get you started this morning and every morning:

Dear Lord,

Show me the way. Show me the next right thing. Light my path the way you said you would in Your Word. Show me how to be ____ wife. Show me how to be ______ mom. Show me how to be _____ daughter. Show me how to be _____ sister. Show me how to be _____ friend. Show me how to be _______ neighbor. But most of all show me how to be Yours. We ask you this in Your Mighty and Holy name. Amen. 

I believe if we start everyday with this prayer and this posture, we will cut down on the overwhelm and focus on the things that’s matter.

Tell me, what has helped you most with overwhelm in your life? 

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