The morning sets the tone

What if I told you that you can have the most productive, spiritually fulfilling, “healthy in every way kind of day”, if you take just 15 minutes to do 3 simple things before you get out of bed? You’d do it right? Well I did, and it changed my life!

Before you do anything and I mean ANYTHING (including looking at emails and checking insta likes) sit up in your bed, take a deep breath and talk to God for just five minutes! Tell him what your thankful for. Ask him to show you what he wants your day to look like. Ask him for help in that area you’ve been stressed about and then thank him again. Then take the next 5 minutes to read the Bible or a devotional that feeds your soul. This is so important. Knowing who God is and what God says about you (loved, worthy and strong through him) will have you in armor for those moments your boss, your friend or lover accidentally says something that makes you feel less then. (They are only human but Gods love is relentless.) Then lastly put your ear buds in your ears, listen for the next five minutes to the song that makes you praise Him and gets you going. This is my favorite part. Sometimes it brings me to tears knowing who holds my future.

I’m telling you, if you invest those 15 minutes in yourself, your days will be changed forever! Your soul will be fed before your body and you will make good decisions on how you eat, how you respond and how you work. You will have a grateful heart and know someone, correction, “thee One” is with you! You aren’t going through your day alone and no matter what happens in your day, you’ll know how blessed you are!

Psalm 118:7 “The Lord is with me, he is my helper.”

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