When the door shuts, happily leave it shut.

This week I had off for Jewish Passover for my day job so I wanted to “get into” something. We currently have our house up for sale but if it doesn’t sell we plan to make this home “ours.” So we have been doing little things here and there to spruce it up as we go!

We decided that if we just put a “For Sale” sign in the yard and put some pictures with the sale on social media that we would wait to see what God does. We wouldn’t buy a new house yet or put down a deposit on the land. We would wait and see if God opened doors for a new move to happen. If the right buyer at the right time came along then we’d know God wanted it for us. But if all the doors start shutting on us like the lot we want gets sold or no one comes to look at the house then God wants us to stay put.

There’s an internal struggle happening here though. Part of selling this house is for a fresh start for our family and also gaining an extra bedroom for babies we plan for in the future. See, this used to be the house that the kids grew up in with their mom and dad, so you can imagine how wanting to get something of our own sounds good. But then I look at the house and know that if we stayed we could make it ours. Get a pool, put a movie theater downstairs and just have all the bells and whistles that would take a while to get in the new home and still have some extra money on the side. I look at this house and think how it’s a dream in itself to live here and how grateful I am. But there’s another part of me that feels alive when I think of having a home that we built together. It’s been weighing on me for months now. I still haven’t gotten the word from God of which is the right choice. Do we stay or do we go? In the meantime…We PAINT!

I took what was a dark brown door and made it light and airy at our entrance! I love welcoming front doors. When I see a happy door, I know happiness is inside! We got the paint from Lowes and found the perfect happy hue. It’s called “Carolina Skies.” What could be happier than a Carolina sky on a sunny day? Purchase here.

In the meantime, we will just keep praying for our answer. We know that if the answer is from God we can be at complete and total peace wherever we end up. And if the door shuts, at least it’s a happy one!


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