Have you thought to yourself, “There has to be a better
way!”? Or found yourself going through the same thing over and over with the
same results? Or what about this question- “Is it me? Am I the reason for all
of this pain?’ 

This blog will unlock the answers to those constant
questions that you ask yourself every day, week or years after you have fallen yet again.  This blog will pick you up and have you
leading a life you never knew was imaginable. 
God loves you- ALL of you.  HE
broke you so that you could be beautiful, he flawed you so that you see all the
reasons you are fabulous.  You see a
disaster where he sees a masterpiece. Through this blog I hope you FINALLY see
what the Lord sees in you- flaws and all. I hope you FINALLY look in the mirror
and see the most loving and beautiful faces of all- Jesus.

I have been down. I have been in some of the darkest of places. I
have done the constant cycle of bad relationships, abusive relationships,
codependency on men, codependency on alcohol when I was hurting, nights out to hide my pain that led to even more pain, the victim mindset, and more – I’ve been through it all! Now let’s look at that
sentence- I’ve. Been. Through. It. All. Most people would look at that sentence
and see it as horrible. I look at it and see ALL its beauty. That word
“through” is magnificent. It looks simple but carries so much power.  I’ve walked through it. I’ve gotten passed it
and here I am- I’ve arrived. Would you follow me on this journey? I’ll hold
your hand, you hold mine and with God we will discover anything is possible.
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