A Purpose in Your Pain….

     Do you know that everything you’ve gone through has a
purpose?  Every fall, every tear, every
burn.  It shaped you. It taught you. It
blessed you.  Now you may read this and
say “how can pain bless me?”  But I ask
you, is there any other way? Think about when you were a child and you started
walking.  I’m sure when you fell down, it
hurt.  But it gave you more perseverance
to not fall the next time because you didn’t want to hurt again! Well the same
goes with your life today. Your pain teaches you. It teaches you to grow and be
strong even when it hurts like heck! 

read a quote one time that really zapped me to the core.  It was said by one of the most amazing women
in history that had to overcome so much just to live in the world, let alone
make history! Her name was Helen Keller. She said “Character cannot be
developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can
the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success
achieved!’ You are strong from your past. You see clearer from your
experience.  Without all you’ve gone
through, your soul would not have been awakened to even stumble across this

     Use your pain today for a purpose. Write down how you’ve fallen and how
you plan on getting back up stronger than ever so that that you don’t fall down
again. Then most importantly, thank God today for allowing this pain to teach
you. You’re a beautiful woman of the most high and you are royalty that belongs
to the King of Kings.

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