I've Been Through the Fire and I'm Thankful

There’s no such thing as too broken.  Or too damaged.  Here you are telling yourself that you’ve
been through too much to love someone the right way and have a good
relationship.  Here you are telling
yourself you will never be a person of high regard because your past
is too incriminating. Here you are saying you aren’t worth a certain amount of
money because that’s just not where you come from!

Trust me when I say this- “I’ve been through the fire.”  I’ve been beaten.  I’ve been sexually abused.  I’ve been verbally ripped to shreds.  I’ve done the low life in the bars.  I’ve done it all.  I’ve seen things, felt things and heard
things that no one should.  But I am no
longer a victim of any of it. That fire, I walked through it!  Those men, they are gone! Those words and
bruises, don’t mean a thing! 

Do you know what it would mean to me if you had the perfect
family, married your high school sweetheart at age 21 and never drank a sip of
alcohol and then tried to tell me that God can change my life? Nothing! What an
amazing and gracious life that would be but my pain is beauty and so is yours!
Now let me ask you, do you know what it would mean to me if you were broke,
homeless, and addicted to heroin but now you’re married and successful and
tried to tell me that God can change my life? 
Then you’d get my attention!  Your
life would be a testimony for what God can do for me.  

Your brokenness is what reaches people.  Your humble past and honest truth will help
others open up and be honest with you and themselves! Every pain I ever had,
had its purpose. In the midst of it, I felt rough and in those moments looked even
rougher.  But all of it has made me
beautiful. The power I drew from my circumstances and the confidence I have
from knowing I got through it is beauty.  God showed me how perfect he was in my times
of weakness (2 Cor. 9-10). The worth I see in myself and the abundance that I know
awaits me is flawless.  I would have
never sought this wisdom if I hadn’t gone through the fire.  Don’t let the past destroy you.  Let it strengthen you! Your pain has a

Warning: Diamonds are formed under immense heat and pressure. 😉

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