The Walls Must Come Down

“I’m just comfortable here in this decent paying job and in
this ok relationship.  Sure I’m a little
bored at work and my boyfriend gets angry here and there but I make acceptable
money and at least my boyfriend isn’t an alcoholic or on drugs!” 

How many times have you reasoned with your thoughts as to
keep yourself right where you are? How many times have you convinced yourself
that you are happy?  How many times did
the devil tell you that you are happy just to keep you from the destiny God has
for you?

Let me smack you with some truth! We
are only as good as we believe ourselves to be. 
We only get  what we think we deserve. And these walls are
built by our own experiences through parents, society, relationships, outside sources etc. But you don’t have to live like that anymore! God
didn’t build these walls! These walls aren’t even REAL!  The walls MUST come down!

Did you know that God wants you to step out of your comfort
zone and see you grow?  He wants to take
you to new heights and places that you never dreamed of.  You serve a big God that can do big
things!  God has equipped you with
everything you need to have an amazing life.
The bible says “he who has started a good work in you is faithful to
complete it!”  Don’t you know that you
are God’s child and he has blessed you with so much to give you an amazing
future? God’s kingdom is not about earning and deserving. It is about believing
and receiving.  Be open to what God has
for you! Accept his undeserved gift of life and love with a grateful heart!

2 Corinthians 9:8 says “and God is able to bless you
abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having more then you need, you
will abound in every good work.”  Start
believing this for yourself.  Start
receiving it before it’s even in sight. Take a hammer to the walls, take a leap of faith and let the Lord
catch you on the other side where an abundant life lies.  
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