The beauty of just letting go…..

I worry.  Ok, I worry
A LOT.   I don’t know if it’s a woman
thing or a motherly quality thing or just a human thing, but I worry about EVERYTHING.  I worry when no one answers the phone at my
parent’s house. I worry if I’m doing enough and is this the path God has for
me?  I worry about getting older and not
being able to have children. I worry about missing out on the man that God has
for me because of my own superficial thoughts and thoughts like “what would everyone else think
if I was with this guy?” So yea, did I mention I worry?

There I sat this week praying about what to write about
today and I wasn’t getting an answer from God like I had in the past
weeks.  I was walking around praying and
thinking about it and I got NOTHING.  Until last night, I was on my knees in my
living room picking up a pillow to put on my chair and I looked up and saw the
picture that I’ve looked at SO many times, but this time it was like God lit it
up with a billion tiny lights. This picture, written in gold says, “She is clothed
in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” –Proverbs 31.  Wow! 
It HIT me.  Just like that.  She
laughs without fear of the future.
you imagine a peace such as that? Being so strong in your faith that no one and
no thing could shake you?” I thought to myself. 
Well, I want that! 

I know God wants my faith to conquer my fears.  I know that God will work everything out for
my good even when I don’t see a way.  I
know that God’s plan for me is amazing and I literally have NOTHING to worry
about.  If God’s plan for me is to be a
mother to an adopted child, then I accept that! 
If God’s plan is for me to be single and help other single women in this
life, then I accept that and I bet it would be a beautiful life!  If God has me let go of a parent early, I
know it’s for a good reason- HIS reason! 
God’s plan is SO much better than mine. 
So why do I keep trying to control everything myself?  Why don’t I just surrender it all to him when
I KNOW that I am safe in his hands?

Luke 12:25 says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single
hour to your life?” And Matthew 6:26 says “Therefore do not worry about what
you will eat. Look at the birds of the air. They don’t plant or harvest or
store up food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far
more valuable to him?” 

God has US! We are valuable to him.  We can’t worry our way into goodness.  His plan for me is far more beautiful than
one I could ever plan for myself.  I have
to let go and give him my worries.  Even
though the plan may not look like what I thought it would, I know it will be God’s
plan and God does BIG things.

 I hope you have the
strength today to surrender control.  I hope
you have the strength today to dig your feet in and have faith.  I hope you can laugh without fear of the
future because you know who your God is. 
Together, let’s make a decision to Let go and Let God! What do ya say?
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