Your Mess is Your Message

“Your mess is your message.” I heard someone say that a few years ago. I can’t remember if it was a podcast or a pastor but either way it rocked me. “What a profound statement?,” I thought. Here I was, a person that tried to hide my mess as best as I could and this person was telling me it’s my whole life’s purpose! 

But at the same time I was thinking, “why would someone want to go out into the world and talk about all their flaws and ways that they failed?” Well, if you were an 8 Mile movie fan like I was, you’d know the best part of the whole movie was when Eminem took the stage against his rival and laid out his story. His mess. His message! It was so awesome because he stood firm in who he was, and said “yes that’s me and where I came from, what’s your point!?” It didn’t take away from his talent, it didn’t take away from who he was created to be and it didn’t throw him out of the battle, in fact, it’s what led him to win! 

I never thought I’d parallel Jesus and Eminem but much to my surprise, they actually have quite a bit in common. In fact we all have a lot in common. We’ve been “called out” for our mess too. Think about the road to the crucifixion. “Yea right, “king of the Jews?” Born in a barn and put in a disgusting manger. He was the poorest of poor in Bethlehem. His dads a poor carpenter. He walks around with sinners and whores.” But isn’t that what’s so amazing about Him? We read these stories and we can relate. We GET It. He wasn’t King David. He was “just” Jesus of Nazareth. But look how much  “just” _______ of _________ can do for the world? Whether you’re “just” Eminem of Detroit, Michelle of Lancaster, Tom of Phoenix, Jill of Baltimore, or Jesus of Nazareth, your story is WORTHY! And people NEED to hear it. 

When I tell people my mess and what God has done in my life to clean it up, they can relate. Had I hidden my mess in hopes that no one would bring it up, it would never let people see the faithfulness of God. I’ve been wounded and scars don’t disappear. So use them to point people to Jesus!! Someone out there needs to know exactly what you went through to get through what they’re going through now. 

The devil wants us ashamed but Jesus wants us to be FREE! So let Him take those chains of shame off, so you can share your message that will lead others to handing their key of shame over so that God can unshackle them too. There was a purpose for your pain my friend, let Him use it. 

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