You Can Learn A Lot In A Year

“Whatever you do, do it ALL for the glory of God.”- 1 Corinthians 10:31

This time last year I was in Outer Banks with my family for our summer vacation. I’m not sure if you remember the post I did when I came back from the trip but that trip was a real eye opener.  It gave me time to reflect, refresh and reset.  Since that trip, I laid down a lot of my desires and handed them over to God. I asked Him to show me where He wanted me and what He wanted from me.

On our trip, I clearly remember God telling me that I was more focused on what was going on outside of my home then I was on where he placed me.  I was so focused on what I could do beyond my home that I was missing what I could do in it! My “calling” was to be of service to the people that love me on a daily basis!  How do I know that’s my calling? Because no one else was chosen to be my husbands wife or these kids stepmom. I felt that tug of war going on long before the beach trip but it was then that I actually listened. I was always so stressed and overwhelmed and it was made clear to me why that week.  Funny enough, as God would have it, not much longer after that we would find out that we actually got pregnant on that trip with our beautiful son Silas. If that wasn’t confirmation enough of what God was saying then I don’t know what is!?

So the first thing I did was I started taking my roles more seriously.  God gave me the AWESOME honor to be a wife and run a household.  He gave me the amazing title of “mom.”  I took my desire to have something successful of my own to realizing that God wanted me to first focus on being successful in the things I prayed for two years before that (a husband and kids.) It was like once I got one desire, I looked for the next one without even sitting still long enough to enjoy it! Sound familiar?

After I began to soak up my family, I learned that they come first, NO MATTER WHAT!  I had to realize that this is HOME, this is MY family and this is where I need to NURTURE. No where else! It isn’t at my old home in Rosedale. It isn’t my relationships with all my friends and it surely isn’t in my blog with my blog followers (and I mean that with the kindest regard. :)) But think about it- what man would feel good about his wife if he felt like he came second to anything other than God? Everyday he would feel like she was saying “it’s ok, I’ve got so many other options!” And that’s certainly not how I would want to feel in marriage either.  I need to and will always make him first before ANYONE else.  That’s what marriage is.  Two become one. He didn’t marry me and my parents, siblings, friends and followers. He married ME. And this marriage is the foundation for our children.  Great marriages produce great children and I for one, want our children to be wonderful because honestly, the future depends on it! It depends on your children too. And speaking of my blog-  you may have noticed that I stopped blogging as much since then and just did posts here and there.  I did my occasional faith or style post but in no way was I writing like I was when I started this 3 1/2 years ago.

I remember when God called me to start this blog.  It was after a bad breakup and I was moving out all by myself for the very first time.  I was committed to being single and finding my identity in Jesus. I found it and I took all of you on that journey with me.  The good news is, I still feel like this blog is a calling of mine but it’s evolving as am I! The blog is no longer because for obvious reason! Lol. The new name is little pieces that hopefully all women can somehow relate too but each is a piece of me. Fab- because I am worthy of being fabulous and so are you.  Feeling good from the inside out is a fruit of the spirit actually! When you radiate love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self discipline (all of which are the fruit of the spirit), I’d say you are pretty fabulous! Fit- because, well, I have finally realized that my well being for this home, my husband and these kids is top priority. My energy, self- love and care for myself is going to help this home run like a well oiled machine and the difference I feel now that I am fit compared to when I was completely unhealthy has made a change in my mind, body and soul. I don’t know how I ever lived without my health in line before. Flawed- because I am and always will be on this journey to being more like Christ.  Flawed is what makes me relatable because no one relates to perfection. And all my flaws typed out in this blog of mine has made me connect and build more relationships then trying to be perfect ever did and last but certainly not least, “Mom”- because let’s face it, being called that is one of the most rewarding titles God can give and because family is everything!

I started this post off with the verse that I did because that was my big lesson this last year- “whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  When I started really pushing the blog about a year and a half ago to be “something,” I was doing it all for me and what it could do for ME. It felt stressful, it felt uneasy, it felt wrong.  But I am so grateful that conviction is made clear when you have a close relationship with God.  So I’m starting new. I will write when God says so.  I will let you in on my life when I know God wants that.  And this blog and everything I do from my faith, to my marriage, to my home, to my fitness to my fashion- I will do it ALL for the glory of God.

I hope that you will welcome me back with open arms as I continue to post more regularly and as always, I thank you for being part of this journey of mine.



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