When you’re down to nothing God is up to something

Have you ever owed money for something and didn’t know how you’d come up with it? Have you waited and waited for the right person to come into your life and just felt like it was never going to happen? Have you been down to the wire with an issue and just didn’t how it was ever going to come to pass?

I can say I’ve been there time and time again waiting for a breakthrough but feeling so lost not knowing if I’d make it out of the situation. But every time, in God’s good grace, I’m still here to write this and every one of those questions in some way or another has been answered. God provided.

In Deuteronomy 29:5 it says that “for forty years He lead you through the wilderness, yet your clothes and sandals didn’t wear out. You ate no bread and drank no wine but He provided for you so that you would know he is the Lord your God.”

I’ve gone through many wildernesses and seasons. When I look back at those tough times I see how God always provided a way just like the scripture says. I put my hope in Him and he pulled me through.

As I sit here writing this in the mountains¬† of Honduras, where some people only have rice to eat once a day, and shacks to live in. I see day after day God providing for them. I see the rain that falls that gives them water to drink. I see people helping people. I see orphanages that are saving children’s lives. In the midst of poverty and sickness I see God everywhere. I see smiling faces. I see hope. I see peace. I see bright futures. But most of all, I see love! 

Just when they think they are out of food God provides. Just when their roof is about to fall, missionaries come to build a new one. Just when they are out of water, it rains. God is teaching us in all these moments who to trust. You are not in control and neither are they. The difference is that these people know that they aren’t. I see these people trust in him daily because they are down to nothing. But they always trust that God is up to something. They are willing to give us their last bowl of rice because they want us to feel welcome. If you tell them that their bracelet is pretty, they take it off and give it to you. To them, it’s not about what you have but who you have and they know if you have the Lord Jesus then you have it ALL! I see that peace and joy in their faces. They are happier then anyone back home.  

I pray to have that kind of trust. I pray that I can rely on the Lord to provide because he promised he would over and over in scripture.  I pray the same prayer for you. 

If there is anything you are waiting on today, know in your heart who God is and trust in his promises. “God is our provider, refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Psalm 46:1. Remember this always, trusting in him, so you can stay in peace and joy. Because when you are down to nothing, you can trust that God is up to something! 

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