Unconditional Love


Gosh, to be loved like that is an amazing thing. But it’s that thing that is so so hard for humans to do. We want certain conditions on people as to protect ourselves and get what we want. It’s actually rather selfish. And I for one am so so guilty of this. I hear the grace message, that God loved me in my deepest darkest sin and it brings me to my knees. I’m so overwhelmed by it. Yet I struggle deeply with giving that same kind of grace to others. 

Loving someone in the deepest sin is scary. Some people are more graceful then others but I imagine in our human condition, it’s hard for us all. It’s hard to be sinned against and then say “I love you still.” It can come easy with our children but how about with everyone else? 

This world tells us not to let anyone get away with anything. Movies of today and books galore have set their whole plot around this. But as a believer, i’m supposed to actually “let people get away with things.” Does that thought scare you like it does me? I know it can be hard, especially with a tough past and deep scars. But don’t you want people to let you “get away” with your flaws and mistakes? None of us are perfect. And if we didn’t have people in our lives that love us enough to get away with our imperfections then we’d be alone! 

I want unconditional love but I’ve gotta learn to give it! If anyone today is having this struggle, let’s remember  that “God shows His love for us, in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

And to be a Christian, this is the very thing we are supposed to demonstrate too. I know it’s hard, and I’m right in the trenches with you. 

BUT learning to give grace takes action on our part. And the best way to do anything is surrender it to God in prayer. So I found this great prayer by Rick Warren. He reminds us that every time we have that memory, pray this til you’ve given grace. And one day, before you know it, the pain is gone and all that’s left is beautiful, amazing grace. 

Father, only you understand how much I’ve been hurt by others. But I don’t want to carry the pain for another second. I don’t want to be a bitter person. But I need your grace and the power of the cross to release my hurt and to forgive those who’ve hurt me. This is the turning point. First, I need to experience your forgiveness. You know all the ways I’ve hurt others, and I’m so sorry for my sins. Jesus, thank you for dying for me. I accept your grace and forgiveness, and I need it daily. Today I’m turning to you, and I’m choosing to forgive the way you have forgiven me. Every time the memory comes back, I’ll forgive that person again until the pain is gone. Heal my heart with your grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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