My Top 10 Beauty and Style “Mom Hacks” for the Summer!


Ok Momma’s! So the days of taking over an hour to get ready are long gone, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to look and feel good! I have listed my top 10 beauty and summer style mom hacks and linked where they can be purchased!


1. First and foremost, a clean fresh face is a must! So even if you washed your make up off the night before it doesn’t mean you can skip being fresh faced in the AM.  I find the mornings are my busiest so I leave my skin routine for the night time and use Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes to remove any excess make-up that wasn’t picked up the night before and to clean the oil and dirt that developed while I was asleep.

2. Next step, I LOVE Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF. It’s not heavy at all but I feel completely moisturized.  It was actually recommended to me by my dermatologist and you can get it at any drugstore! Win! It also has SPF 15 in it so your skin is safe for the day!


3. Hair Talk! Now that I’ve been processing my hair for, hmmm (I’ll keep that number to myself) a while, I can’t help but notice that the texture has changed a bit from my cheerleading days…boy that takes me back. Any who- I SWEAR by Moroccan Oil! I brush it through my wet hair after a shower and then once it’s blown dry and styled I put it back through.  It keeps my hair shiny, moisturized and keeps the fly away’s down!

4. Must Have: So do you ever try to style your hair straight out of the shower and it’s so soft it won’t do anything?! This baby is a life changer! I don’t have time to tease and spray for 10 minutes so Haze by Evo is a powder that I put right in my crown and right away I’ve got the “dirty, product build up feel” that makes volume for days! I can’t do flat hair. Just not my thing!


5. Secret Weapon:  St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Daily Moisturizer. Now that I use it, I can’t do summer without it.  It not only makes skin imperfections disappear INSTANTLY with its tinted bronze color but it also gradually makes these white legs tan for shorts and dresses!! We don’t have time to lay in tanning beds like in high school, plus we are now starting to see the damage it has done (yuck), so this sucker is magic!

6. Summer Scents! There are just some scents that feel like winter and some that feel like summer and Happy! by Clinique has always been one of those summer “go to’s.”  It has a citrus, powdery, floral smell that can’t be duplicated.  And every time I wear it I get a comment from the hubs. 🙂


Don’t have time to do your make up but need to get to the grocery store? These next two products are all you need to feel dewy skinned and wide eyed!

7.  If I don’t have the time to do a full face of make up but want a summer glow and to cover up imperfections, I take my liquid foundation and a drop of this NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator and mix them together for a summery dewy look!

8. Then I take my favorite eyelash curler and feel wide eyed and fresh to head out for a few! Some eyelash curlers don’t do the job but I found this Tweezerman Curler at Sephora and it comes with 2 other replacement foams for when your first one wears!

Style:  Whether I’m heading to work, a lacrosse game or the neighborhood BBQ, the two summer go-to’s for a cute and stylish “momiform” are below!

9. TGFTSD- “Thank God For Tee Shirt Dresses!”  These are not only cute but comfortable! And it takes no effort to put together!  Throw one on and you are ready to walk straight out the door. Target has sooo many cute ones! I’ve linked here.

10.  TGFDFF- Not sure if there is a such thing but “Thank God For Dressy Flip Flops”. If you are throwing on a tee shirt dress, I say go for ultimate comfort! But keep it stylish with something that still says you care. These gold Lilly Pulitzer flip flops can go with pretty much anything! Bathing Suit, Jeans, or dresses.  So splurge a little and by pass the $10 flips that you can get anywhere and get these cuties that will be getting you compliments every where!


Welp! That’s my summer round up! I hope it saves you lots of time and thought and that your 20 minute routine has you feeling fabulous! Let me know if you try any of these or if you already have!!

Until next week, stay Fabulously Flawed!






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