Timing Is Everything

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Do you ever look back at something and say “I’m glad that happened when it did!”?  That’s all God! I think of my desires. Some have happened but some I’m still waiting for. But I have so much trust in the things I’m waiting on because I look back on the desires that have come to pass and realize if they had come even a week sooner, I wouldn’t have been ready.  For example, I needed all my relationships for my marriage. I needed my stumbles to get to my victories.  I needed my failed career attempts to get me to my purpose!

Precious child of God,trust in His timing.  If you are waiting for a career, a special relationship, a child, an answer to prayer- trust that it is coming!  Every day, minute, and second is accounted for under the heavens and your season is coming at EXACTLY the right time! He is preparing you to the fullest for your desire.  Put it all in the hands that were nailed to the cross for you.  For He is so good and he can be trusted with everything!

Dear God, we know that in our “waiting’ you prune us and prepare us for what’s to come. We know your timing is perfect. Please help us trust in that. Today we come to you with a heart of gratitude. Thank you for being our hope and our future. Thank you for making us more like you, one day at a time.  We are so grateful that you are working in our lives today and working on US!   We only want to be who you created us to be.  We only want what you want for us. Thank you for being a Lord so sweet! We love you more than words could ever express. Amen.

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