Thinking back

As I sit here and write this, I think back to all the people of my past. I see how each one was a stepping stone to where I am today. I see how each situation led me up the stairs closer to the my Lord Jesus and in a better place then I was the day before that, the year before that and a decade before that.

I struggled. And I mean struggled hard. I kept catching glimpses of the light and following each one til it led me to the next glimpse. Failing but still growing in the midst of it, because each failure showed me a brighter light then before. Every single struggle led me to a better place because God was always part of that, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconscious I carried him with me. Then the day I was thrown into a brighter light, I realized that I needed to keep him consciously with me at all times. Once I did that, the changes came faster, the decisions got harder but the rewards got better!

Amd now I stand here today, in the middle of the steps. Looking back on how far I’ve come and I’m proud of myself and what God has done for me. But I also look up the steps and see there is going to be more change, more growth, more failure, and more light to follow . And one thing I know for sure is that he will consciously be my guide through it all. And even in the midst of failure and struggles up hill my joy and peace will remain because my joy and peace is in him and him alone.

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