The Real Truth About Having It All

Do you struggle with feeling like where you are today is not making you happy?  Don’t be ashamed if you do because the real truth is, we all do it! I used to sit in my bed and plead with God to bring me a husband and kids to love. I swore if I had that, then all my desires would be fulfilled. And as much as I am in love with my family, guess what? I still lose sight of them as the blessing I was praying for and want more

I don’t know if it’s a scheme from the devil or just my flesh, but either way, in those moments of wanting I’m missing out on the great JOY I could be having by enjoying the place I prayed for in the first place!

Here are some tools I’ve used lately to remind myself that the key to having it all is being happy with where I am:

  1. It’s ok to have goals and dreams but did you thank him this morning for all he has done?
  2. You were given a blessing, have you “watered” it today?
  3. Love what you’ve been given while working for the future.
  4. Sit still with what you’ve been given. Be present. Enjoy it.
  5. Don’t passionately search for something else without noticing you have the things you wanted right in front of you.

The real truth about having it all is realizing at one point in your life you
wished for exactly what you have today. Every good gift, every perfect gift, comes from above. These gifts come down from the Father, the creator of the heavenly lights, in whose character there is no change at all.” James 1:17. This verse reminds me that God doesn’t change but we do. So while we are changing our minds, recognize God for every good and perfect gift. He is ALWAYS good. Then you may just realize that you actually do “have it all” right where you are standing


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