The Guide To Life

YOU my friend are not lost! There is a clear roadmap that the good Lord has placed at your disposal. You have a heartbeat, a purpose and a breath of life that someone else needs. Our purpose gets really clear when we start to understand one thing- the one who made us.

Just like anything that’s been formed and put together has been made by its creator with a purpose, so are we. And just like a new toy or technology, we’ve also come with a set of directions and it’s called the Word!

There you find who your creator is, why he created you and what he wants you to do with your life. I know this first hand. His Word breathes life into you! You come alive with joy, purpose, and fulfillment and it makes your paths straight.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

This place you find not only your purpose but also your defense against all that may come at you in this life.

There is no wall between you and God. You are so worthy of being near Him! He wants you so close and wants to guide all your days, side by side. Open His “instructional book” and you will feel intimacy like you never have before.

You will never be lost again!


Dear Lord, you have made each one of us with a great purpose! Sometimes we feel lost and don’t know where to turn and we fail!. Let us remember that with you we are never lost. That if we just turn to you and your Word, you will always show up to guide us and show us the way- Your way, the best way, the only way! Thank you for the breath I breath and the purpose you have for my life. Help me to have a burning desire to find that purpose daily in your Word. Help me remember your purpose always trumps mine. Thank you for making life worth living!  Amen.


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