The book that steals our heart each night

Baby book

Is there that one book that you read to your child at night? You know, that baby book you read the first time you become a mom and can’t hold it together because it’s exactly how you feel? Well that is this book for us: “The Wonder That Is You.”

With a new little one on the way I can’t help but picture reading it to them too. This book gives you all the feels! It brings back all the memories of the first time you held your baby in your arms. But what’s even better about the book is that it reminds your child about how special they are and how much they mean to you.

Knowing my babies will grow up understanding  “the wonder that they are” is priceless. I think all of us as parents want our kids to know how special they are growing up. But some days we forget to tell them because life is busy. But at night, when we tuck them in and read them a story, this book gives us that chance to tell them just how much they mean.

I can’t imagine not wanting this for your children or children to come. If you have a child on the way or you have someone special in your life that is about to embark on the journey of parenthood, this is the book to have. My friend Glenys Nellist is an amazing author of many children’s stories but this one she calls “close to her heart” because it’s based on the true story of when her first son was born.

You can get your copy from Amazon by clicking the “Check it Out” button below:

Or where any books are sold.

Check out her website too for other awesome books.

I’ve been reading her “Fall Blessings” book to Silas every night since the weather has gotten a little cooler and it puts me in the spirit of pumpkin and apple picking season!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a giveaway for “The Wonder That Is You” on Instagram so stay tuned!

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