“Look for the Signs”..especially the wood ones!

I have always believed that if you just ask, God will show you the way. Either in his small quiet voice or in a subtle sign he will lead you down the path he wants you to take. I spent a lot of years ignoring the signs until someone showed me his way and now I look for them daily. I can’t even explain what it has done for my life and for those around me. One right choice, effects many.

“God should I go this way or that way?” And then a sign comes or just a “knowing” in your heart that this is right! I love those little signs and so many of them I wish I could paint on a piece of wood to remind me of God’s faithfulness. But until I actually have the time to do something like that, I found a little online shop called Smallwood Home that comes darn near close and they’ve run with the idea! I have bought so many of these signs and have them hanging all around our home to remind us of the truth, the light and the way.¬†And it doesn’t hurt that this shop caters to my obsession with the modern farmhouse look! And guess what? All of May you can get 15% off of any of their merchandise using the Code: MAY. They have signs, clothing and more. If you like the sign behind me just click here to find the sign that speaks to your heart! Happy Shopping and stay “Fabulously Flawed!” xoxo

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