My top podcasts and books for a better life

I get a lot of messages about what books, devotionals and podcasts I would suggest for women and moms. So I thought it was time to do a post for you all so you can have them on your phone.

Best Podcasts

1. Work and Play by Nancy Ray– her calming voice alone makes me come back week after week. But the wisdom she shares about work, play and being an intentional mom are priceless.

2. Proverbs 31 Ministries– this is by far my favorite faith podcast. I love the two women who host the show. They feel like old friends from the south. And the best part about the show is that it is literally for “every woman in every season.” And that is how they start off the show. You want a deeper faith that’s easy to comprehend? This is for YOU!

3. Living Easy– I love Lindsey. Her and I connected on Instagram a few years ago and became friends. Since then her following has grown because of the amazing content she puts out. We are both in the thick of marriage and motherhood and her faith is so important to her. I love all the episodes on being a good wife, mom, friend and person. She is relatable and has given so much advice that I’ve implemented along the way. The title of the podcast doesn’t disappoint. She just makes life easier.

Okay, so those are my top 3 podcasts. This should definitely be enough to get you on your way of loving doing the laundry (this is when I catch up on episodes ☺️) and listening to wisdom.

Best books

I love reading and listening to books. You can download audible and pretty much get any book to listen to while you clean or take a long drive. So here are my suggested books to add to your reading list:

1. It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way- Lysa Terkeurst:

This book takes the hard, real life struggles that women commonly have, and turns them into opportunity. It’s insightful, powerful and full of wisdom that we all need.

2. The 4:8 Principle- Tommy Newberry

You want a joy filled life? Well this book tells you how to get there. It will improve your relationships, your day and your life!

3. The Battlefield of the Mind- Joyce Meyer

Our mind is where we create our day which then creates our life. Do you take captive your negative thoughts and change them to positive ones? This book is SO POWERFUL! If you want to change your life, you have to change your mind. This is the book that will get you there.

Guys! Wisdom and knowledge are so priceless. And I know that each one of these recommendations have given me information that has changed the way I do life for the better. I would love to know if you implement them into your life and how they’ve effected you!

Have an awesome Wednesday!



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