Lies Exposed! Part 3: Identity and Worth w/ Nyla Wiebe


Hey Friends!
Today’s episode is a conversation with Nyla Wiebe, certified life coach and nutritionist. If you’ve ever struggled with your worth or your identity then this is the episode for YOU!
I loved sitting down with Nyla in this conversation.  We talked about where we once fell for the lies in our lives about where we thought our worth and identity were found. And how we’ve now been set free from those lies. And we want this for you too!
So grab a coffee and join our conversation HERE!
Special Guest Nyla Wiebe:
Nyla lives in Canada with her hubby of almost 6 years and their cute black and white cat, Quincey. Nyla is a Certified Christian Life Coach, working with clients via the phone world wide. She specializes in Intuitive Eating and body image improvement from a Biblical perspective and she is also a Virtual Assistant for other female faith based entrepreneurs, specializing in podcast production. She became a Christian at 4 years old and it was the best decision she has ever made!
Where to find Nyla:
-Food freedom podcast The Intuitive Eating with Jesus Podcast:
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