Just Placed An Amazon Order…

My Most Recent Amazon Purchases


Loving these stamped gold necklaces these days! And my zodiac sign has always been special to me.
These midi vintage cut off shorts are so cute. Long enough for a mom but stylish enough not to be one lol
I’m inspired to organize my pantry and I found these great labels! 135 of them for $14
Give me a fitted turtle neck tee shirt any day but a neon one is a must have!
OBSESSED with this waffle knit tank with the knotted bottom. It comes in sooo many different colors too!!
There are days when carrying a purse is not easy so find me a belt bag that’s this cute and I’m in!
This one step hair dryer and volumizer brush has been on my list. My mom and sister both have one and they love it!

I’m Currently Loving…

My Adidas! These cloud foam running shoes are true to their name. I literally feel like I’m walking on a cloud!
All my kids initials. I got this for Christmas and I just love it. Can’t wait to add the final one in March!


Click on any of the images to purchase!  I hope you all have a Fabulous Monday and week ahead!







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