It’s Finished!


Years ago, God put a dream in my heart to write a book about my story and the lessons I learned, as well as the prayers I have on my heart.  Well, today I officially completed that dream. This February, my book “Worthy- A 3 Week Transformational Devotional to the Life God Want for You” will officially be published and out in the world.

My intention for this book is that it changes lives everywhere.  I pray, and I ask you to pray along with me, that women who never felt worthy, feel worthy because of Christ.

Pray that people come to Christ and are baptized because of the story God wrote for me.  And also pray that mature Christians are energized in their faith because of this book.

I am so humbled to see what God has done in my life and continues to do through me.  None of this was ever my idea or my wisdom or even my own motivation. (If you knew me before, I wasn’t that motivated for anything other than hanging out with friends, lol.)

Let me be clear, if I didn’t have the Holy Spirit in me, I would have never been equipped to do any of this.  This work is God’s but I give so much thanks, praise and glory that He uses me as a vessel to complete His work on earth.

I am forever grateful to be a child of God.

**If you are interested in the book, feel free to message me for pre-order details. Also, the first 50 women will be invited to go through the devotional with my virtual faith group @Fabulously Flawed Women.


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