Last Week’s Round Up (YOUR favorites!)

Weekly Round up

Happy Monday Fab Friends!

I post many different styles and items and it always surprises me to see what people are loving. So I’ve decided each week to send you the “most purchased” items from the week before in case you missed them! 

Thought having these pretty little things in your inbox at the start of the week might bring you some joy! 💕

The weeks round up:

  1. My love for Tula! ❤️

You loved the Rose glow and get it cooling and brightening under eye stick (I don’t blame you) as well as the anti-aging kit I use! It’s filled with probiotics and super fruits. It’s like a great diet for your skin. Your skin will thank you for it. Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

2. My jeans!

Jessica Simpson secret Maternity skinny Jeans! I think these had the most jolt at one time. There were 5 pair bought in one day! I’m not surprised though, these look cute with anything and are the comfiest on the bump. So excited for you to get them!

3. My shoes!

Last but not least, the cute and stylish black and white adidas sneaker that I dressed up a bit to head out shopping with Silas. These are great dressed up or for adorable workout outfits. You won’t be disappointed!

So those were your “Fabulous Favorites” from last week! Can’t wait to see what you are all loving in the weeks ahead!

Keep an eye out for Tuesday’s “Fabulous Faith” Email- feeding you deep, inspirational content and Thursdays “Fabulous Finds” email- sharing some deals I found in style, lifestyle, home and/or beauty!

Til then, have a fabulous week!


Jill Rohrbaugh


From the Heart, to My Followers and Friends


“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things.” -Philippians 4-8

Those things: true, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.
Those are the things that shine in a dark world. And I for one, would like to be that light.

But I have to admit, though in some areas of my life I am, other areas I am not. And one in particular has had me “stuck” for quite some time. Satan has a way of taking something good and making us just FREEZE so we don’t pursue or continue where God wants us.

That has been my story the last couple years as it pertains to my work. I’ve had this blog for quite some time. I branched out trying different things with it and many times I’ve found myself quitting. Oh hello again satan. Whether it was make-up, fitness, fashion, faith groups etc. I denied my own truth and froze. I questioned myself, overanalyzed, over-spiritualized and overwhelmed myself with it to the point that I just wouldn’t do anything. I lost my light.

But I’m writing this with firm conviction to say “I’m done with that.” I’m done letting satan as well as the opinions of others tell me who and how God created me to be.

Who am I?

Ever since I was little, I loved to make things beautiful. Whether it was words on paper, a bedroom, a melody, hair, make-up, clothes… I loved to make all things “lovely”. And I loved to look at them too. I think that’s why I love this Bible verse that I started the post out with so much. It’s just part of the way God fashioned me. And it doesn’t surprise me because when I read that I am created in the “image and likeness” of God, I think about how beautiful he made the sunsets, the gardens, the birds to fly in the skies and the leaves that blow subtly in the spring. He loves to make things lovely too and that is where in my own spiritual life I’ve seen His glory even when I wasn’t following him.

What does this have to do with my work?

Well, what was getting me stuck was that I was denying how God made me. I was believing that fashion, home decor, make up and pretty things were sinful. But with much prayer, spiritual maturity and soul searching, I’ve come to understand that such things are not sinful unless they are your treasure, placed before God or causing sin in your life. I know who I am as a woman of God. His love and my love for Him will always be my first. Fashion, make up, and home decor is a place I express myself but it has never had my heart. Only Jesus. I also don’t break the bank and cause sin in my life and strain on my family by living beyond our means loving on those lovely things either!

So? What’s my point?

I have to be me. It’s way more than “ok” to be who God created me to be. In fact, that’s what He’s called me be. I am purposefully made. He made me and loves me PERSONALLY. What a wonderful thought when I’m just one in a million.
So in saying that, “me” is a girl that loves Jesus first, her husband, her kids and then all things lovely.

I felt so strained to just share about my faith and deny my passions that I missed out on connecting with women that didn’t even know they needed Jesus.

If I just share my faith with those that already are following Jesus, then I miss out on all those beautiful women that don’t know how deep God’s love runs for them! In fact, I was one of those girls. I needed someone that I related to to show me Jesus.
But by denying some of the the things I love, many women that love the same things didn’t stop to read or connect with me because Jesus just wasn’t on their radar.

What you can expect from now on:

It’s all about my testimony and this is how I will share mine. This is my mission field and Jesus is my boss.

You’ll see:
•A weekly faith post called “Clothe Yourself with Strength and Dignity.”

•A weekly post about “Fabulous Finds”- which are awesome deals and me styling “all things lovely”

And lastly (but not least),

•A monthly blog post about a devotion or study I’m loving and how you can hop into my next online faith group to study with us.

This is to serve YOU:

So if you’re a woman, wife or mom that stays up at night thinking how you can be better but also leave a legacy then this is for you.

If you enjoy deep, inspirational content and have a desire to be spiritually fed and reminded that YOU HAVE A PURPOSE then this is for you.

If you love style, deals, your kids, your home and even a little bit of humor. Then this is for you:

I aim to inspire trust, friendship and community as well as purpose and worthiness!

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Break Free from the Comparison Trap

The Land of Comparison

As Andy Stanley puts it, we live in the “Land of Er.”  If I could only be happi-er, skinny-er, rich-er, pretti-er and the list goes on, right? And some of us even live at times in the “Land of Est.”  I want to be the smart-est, great-est, lovely-est!  But what we don’t recognize is that it’s truly a losing battle with ourselves.

We look to the right and left to see if we measure up. The awareness of “who has what” is always in our face and it’s never going to go away! So what are we supposed to do in this “Land of Comparison?”

The Choice

We have a choice.  We can either keep looking around to see if we compare and go into debt, depression or whatever else over it.  Or we can learn to live in contentment.

I like the story Andy told in one of his sermons and it literally made me laugh out loud.  It was about someone who bought a new home and was so happy with it. They loved everything about it. Until… they went to their new neighbors house to see that they had 10 foot ceilings when meanwhile their new home only had 8 foot ceilings. So then they hated their house! It’s funny because it’s true of all of us. We can be totally enthralled with what we have one minute until we see what someone else has the next! But guys! Who are we working so hard to please?! God could care less and your new neighbor is just excited to have a new friend! So who is it all really for?

“Better to have one handful with tranquility then two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind.” –Ecclesiastes 4:6

What is the wind that you are chasing? Is it the land of skinnier? Because once you get there, what happens? Do all your dreams come true? Is it the land of richer? Because once you have that amount in your account, will you never want another thing again?  NO. When we get there we will then move to the “Land of Est!” Wanting to be the skinniest and the richest! What is the point of it all? It’s literally chasing wind that we will never catch.

Purpose over Perfection

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely good to have goals. We should all desire to be the person that we were created to be and have a purposeful and healthy life.  But purpose and comparison do not go hand in hand.  When we are in our true purpose, there is great contentment found there.  We don’t look left or right because we know God has placed us there. And no matter who sees, whether no one or a crowd of one million, we are living with “one handful of tranquility” and another hand open and available to receive what God has for us next.


There is this awesome prayer by A.W. Tozer that humbled me as soon as I read it.  It’s verbiage was a bit old school so I translated it slightly.  But if this doesn’t put your heart in the proper place every time you put too much worth in yourself or someone else, then I don’t know what will.  This is a prayer to memorize and repeat before we attempt to post on social media, decide to scroll, or maybe say before entering a person’s home we know we struggle to “keep up with.”

“Dear Lord, I refuse to compete with anyone else. They have a larger following than mine. So be it. I rejoice in their success.  They have greater gifts. And that’s ok. That is not in their power or in mine. It’s yours alone. I am humbly grateful for their greater gifts and my smaller ones. I pray that I use my modest gifts for your glory only! I will not compare myself with anyone nor try to build self esteem by noting where I excel where others don’t. I stand here and deny all my worth as if it belongs to me. I know full well that all my worth is in you and you alone. So, I gladly go to the foot of your cross and own myself as the least of your people. I purpose to pray for others and rejoice in others prosperity as if it were my own.  Actually it is my own if it is yours, because what is yours is mine, while one plants and another waters it is you alone who gives it increase.” 

And all my people say AMEN!

We can live in contentment.  It’s a choice and it will take some work. But changing our perspective is possible! My next group starts in February and we will be doing Sandra Stanley’s study “Comparison Trap.” We’d love to have you as we dig deeper into this area of our lives.

Message me for details: [email protected]