As the world gets darker…

This world. It gets scarier. It gets angrier. It gets darker. Days go by and something new hurts my heart daily that I see while scrolling through Facebook, or in listening to the news. People battling it out on social media, someone young dies from cancer, a young girl is bullied, two police get shot and killed while trying to protect others, a little girl dies sleigh riding because she’s hit by a car. Why so much pain? I’d like to think I understand….

Jesus says this world is fleeting. It’s temporary. Yet so many hold on to it for dear life. We want to hold on to life but God says “this world wasn’t meant for forever, and I’ll show you that everyday until you understand.” You see, I wouldn’t know how to go through life if I didn’t know my home is with Jesus in heaven. I’ve heard so many Christians deal with tragic events so gracefully. A friend of mine, 25 years old, grew up without knowing her dad, she had one aunt that died two years ago and the only one she had left was her mom up until 6 months ago when she was taken by cancer. At Christmas she said she’d be spending it with her best friends family. How does one go on with the rest of her life with no family? When asked “how are you still standing?” She replies with a strength “I’m ok because I know Gods got a plan.” Do you know what kind of faith that takes? 
I know there is pain in this world and sometimes it’s so hard to understand why. It’s so hard not to be fearful of tomorrow but that’s not what God wants for us. God wants us to trust him. He wants us to be strong in our faith and realize that “you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”(James4:14). Don’t hold on to life but to God. Jesus is your only way to everlasting life. 
The girl I told you about is a light for me. I see the strength of the Lord in her. I heard it said “that as this world gets darker, Christians get brighter.” I see this truth regularly. We are the salt of the world, the light of the world, and when things get dark let your faith be so strong, that people feel your flame.  

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  1. Jill, the good thing about the darkness is, the darker it gets in the world, the brighter we are and the more we, as Believers, stand out for others to see. That means they will be drawn to us even more and thus we will be able to introduce them to God's Kingdom. Now, that's a great deal!
    🙂 – Norman

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