Are you going camping this Memorial Day weekend?!

   I have always had a serious problem with “needing” to stay connected. Since I was a little girl, I never wanted to miss a thing! So knowing what my family is doing and what my friends are doing has been made much worse by the world of social media. It’s a double edged sword because the people I love know how much I truly love them. Buuuut they get annoyed when I’m also trying to make someone else feel loved at the same time as I ignore their question to comment on another loved ones Facebook wall. See what I’m saying?

But when I finally do put down the phone and just “be present”, I’m so happy I did. And camping has a way of pulling you away from everything to just enjoy what’s around you. Jesus invested so much in his relationships. I sometimes wonder how it would be if his followers called, texted, and messaged him on social media as he gathered with others. He was so smooth he probably had his phone off and then went into the woods to pray first, asking God to help him respond in the way he’d like him to before turning his phone back on. He’s the man. For real.

So as I write about the essentials to pack, just remember that the REAL ESSENTIALS are family first and then number 2, just being “present.”

The first thing on the list is for the face. It’s sooo incredibly important to protect your face in the sun and I don’t really feel like wearing much make up or taking the time to put it on when I can spend those minutes with the fam. So tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 30 is essential. Glo Therapeutics in medium is my “go to” because it’s light weight and oil free, and I love the hint of color. Number two is concealer for under eyes, because sleeping in a tent proves that dark circles will get a check in the win column everytime! I use LA girl Pro Concealer in light ivory. It is seriously the best. It doesn’t leave you looking like you have more wrinkles then you started with and is the perfect creamy consistency and it’s just $4.99! Lastly for the face, if you don’t have lash extensions like myself, bring waterproof mascara. I suggest Get Big! Lashes Volume Waterproof Mascara by Essence. It makes your lashes look so long and thick, won’t come off with sweat or splashing water and is only $3.99 at Ulta!

Now for the clothes and shoes. It’s a 3 day adventure so I’ll be living in a baseball hat, cut off shorts and tees and bathing suits with cover ups. Target has the cutest tanks for $12.99 and some tank dresses with cris cross backs for $19.99. I also got that cute pink two piece from Target too! Don’t forget a pair of tennis shoes that can get dirty! But for sitting at the pool or lounging around the fire, birkenstocks are in! I found the ones pictured by Madden Girl for just $40 bucks and you can get them in plain colors too. And they are so comfy! And last but not least, since doing my hair is just not happening, I bought the trendy LA Fitted Baseball Cap on Amazon!

Now for the kids…we know to bring their dirtiest tennis shoes, some old tees and shorts, and a pair of flip flops. But most importantly, bring the sunscreen with bug repellant in it! It’s on sale for $6.99 and is great for the season. And with the combo, you only have to spray the little ones once! FYI. Ticks have been the talk of the season already and the only thing I want giving love bites to those kids is me!

Happy trails!

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