A tribute to the baby that saved the world

The story starts with a woman who willingly accepted Gods purpose for her life that almost destroyed her relationship with her fiancé. How many of us would willingly accept a calling for our lives that could possibly stop our marriage from the man we love? 

Mary was engaged to Joseph. And when she told him that she was pregnant and that God spoke to her, he quietly left her. I assume he thought what any other guy would have thought, “she isn’t a virgin and she cheated.” But like many of us who have tried to run from God, God just doesn’t let up. Joseph was pursued over and over in his dreams until he knew in his spirit Mary was telling the truth. Joseph then asked Mary for forgiveness and came back to her. 
As their journey continued it filled every prophecy written in the Old Testament. Every place they had gone from Bethlehem to Egypt to Nazareth, it all was foretold by the greatest prophets who ever lived. 
The baby was then born, and given to us by God. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” The baby  would continue to grow up and fulfill the prophecies that were written many many years before. 
But he fulfilled one amazing promise that has changed the world. His life has caused new life every minute of every day. His life has changed lives. His life has changed the world. His life continues to bring hope into a world that sometimes seems hopeless. His life has awakened the sinful, the weak, the insecure. His life is the one life that continues to bring what is dead to life! 
Someone said to me “Jesus is for the weak and the broken.” And I almost went into attack mode until I realized how right they were! Who among us has never been weak or have never felt broken? We all have been and we all need to be saved from ourselves. We all need this child that was born so many years ago. He is the life giver and his birth is what saved the world. I praise and give glory for this day for it is the day that saved my life. His life saved mine.
I owe all to you. And I love you so much. Happy birthday Jesus! 
Love always, 

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One thought on “A tribute to the baby that saved the world

  1. Good Morning Jill, My name is Gabriel wanted to intoduce myself and thank you for your words of encoragment threw your blog. Its a blessing to hear what the holy spirit is doing in another follower of Christ. You testimony is a beautiful reminder of what God can do in our live's. I want to encorage you to keep being led by the spirit and know that your words are encouraging those not only around you but far away in (So. Cal. 🙂 Happy New Year and God Bless.

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