A Letter to my Daughter

My Dearest Scarlett,

The day you were born was the cherry on top of everything I ever wanted.

Your dad yelled “it’s a girl” in that hospital room and all I could do was cry out, “my girl, my girl, I got my girl!” They laid you on my chest and tears rolled down to my ears as I repeated “everything’s ok, it’s your mommy.”

Sweet Scarlett, every woman dreams of having a little girl. You’ll see. In the moment we touched I felt so many of my most precious dreams come true.  Dressing you in pink with bows. Painting your nails. Talking about boys. Getting you ready for prom.  Putting that veil in your pretty hair. And then one day holding your precious baby in my arms.

You are an answered prayer.

Just like I told your brother, there are some things I want you to know…

First, I want you to know that you have one incredible daddy. I knew very early on when I met him that I’d be the luckiest person in the world to have him as my life partner and that my babies would be just as lucky to have him as a dad. Just wait, you’ll see. He will do anything to protect you, make you smile and make you understand that you are his LIFE. You should have seen his face when he yelled “It’s a girl.” I’m excited to watch him hold you, make you giggle, play in the backyard with you and show you how a man should love a woman.

Secondly, I want you to know that you have two brothers and two sisters that love you and will show you the way too. They were so excited to meet you.  Both of your brothers have kissed my belly to show you and tell you how much they love you before you were even here. And your sisters, they are a little older but they love to hold you, kiss you and dress you. Ava already got you the cutest little dress.  You will be receiving lots of cuddles and kisses from them in this lifetime. You’re very lucky.

Next, you have amazing grandparents that have lived for this day. The joy you bring to their lives just by being born is something they’ve long awaited. They want to give you everything you want. The joy they see in mine and daddy’s eyes when we look at you is the best part for them. They prayed for me and your dad to have you. Seeing their babies have babies is what they’ve long for as time has gone by. You’re a dream come true for them too.

Also, you have some awesome aunts and uncles. They are so excited to see your dad and I fall in love with you. Just wait, watching your brother and sister have a baby is a pretty amazing thing and because they love us so much, they love you more than you can imagine. They were excited to find out you were a girl because they knew you were the last piece of the puzzle to our family. If some day your dad and mom aren’t around, you will enjoy just being in their presence because they will remind you so much of us. They will tell you stories about us that will make you laugh and you’ll know mommy and daddy even more because of them.

And here it goes, I love you. The word love doesn’t seem like enough when I say how I feel about you. I carried you for 9 months and felt your little feet move all around day in and day out. And now I sit with you in the morning and thank God for what He has done. It brings me to tears. You are perfection to me and the love I have for you is beyond explainable. When you fall in love, take that feeling and multiply it by 1000. That is what I felt when you entered my world. I’m telling you all this because you need to know how important you are and how loved you are and how WORTHY of love you are. That is the magnificence of YOU. There will be people that may tell you or treat you otherwise in this life but you remember this letter and let these words sink deep down in your heart. People are people. And people make mistakes. They hurt others and they will hurt you too. But learn how to forgive quickly because they may never know the love that you will know.

Also, I want you to remember something. Bad things happen here every day. And it’s true there are bad people. But there’s so much more to it. Some people might try to make you believe that everything and everyone is bad. But it’s not true. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve seen both. And life is good. Really good. But you have to choose the good. Choose to do good, see the good and most importantly be the good. Life is as fragile as it is precious. So I want you to live a life that shows others the goodness that is here. I want you to show them love. All the love you receive I want you to give it out times ten. I want people to know love because they know you. And when someone is unkind, show them love anyway. You’ll be stronger for it even if it doesn’t feel like it at first. The only thing we really have in this world is love. And the only thing we will have when we go is that love.

But even greater than all the love I wrote about, there is a love so much bigger. It’s the greatest love of all. It’s a love that never makes mistakes. A love that is patient with you and always kind. There’s a love out there that never leaves you abandoned or alone. There is a love that no matter how bad you mess up, you can never be separated from this love. It’s a love that is incomprehensible but it can be known and felt and breaks every chain and struggle that the world presents. This love has a name and it’s name is Jesus. He died so you can live the life that mommy and daddy pray for you to live. I can’t wait to tell you all about Him. He is my everything.

There’s a verse in Psalms (verse 37:40) that says “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” And little girl, that is truly the reason you are here.  I’ve delighted myself in the Lord no matter the hard days or good ones and for that I know, God gave me you, my cherry on top.

I love you always and forever,

Mama XO



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