5 “In Home” Date Night Ideas for Parents!

Ok. Let’s be real.  Now that there are littles running around, there is no time for cocktails in a dimly lit restaurant downtown or romantic getaways every month! Unfortunately you and your love just don’t have the time to stare into each others eyes like you used to. And when things get busy, and stress arises, you forget who the person is staring back at you.  That is why date night is SO necessary!

I don’t know about you but I need to feel the attention from my husband. And I know he feels the same.  So without proper planning in place, we wouldn’t really see each other at all. When I say “really” I mean we’d see each with our eyes but not in the light that we should, the light that we saw each other in, in the first place. Which isn’t that the reason you got married anyway? With that being said, I know you need the help just like us!

So here are 5 of my favorite in home date night ideas for parents:

  1. Summer Nights! 

Step one: While you are cooking dinner for the family, cut up some sharp cheddar cheese in cubes, wash off some grapes and put them in separate zip lock bags. Then be sure to hide them in the back of the refridgerator. Chill your favorite red or white (or make a pitcher of iced tea if you aren’t the “tipsy” type) and have it ready to go for 9pm.

Step 2: Hang your favorite twinkle lights around the patio or your table as dinner cooks. We just got the cutest ones from Target here and they are on sale for $13 bucks. I love the ambiance at night outback!

Step 3: Make a playlist of all your favorite songs that you and your hubby love. Make sure you include the song you danced to at your wedding, the first love song you two ever talked about and all the songs that mean something to you both.

Step four: When the kids are asleep, take everything out of the refrigerator, set up the table, plug in the lights and start your playlist. Take the time outside to have your drink, nibble on your nighttime snack and enjoy the sounds of outside and each others laughter.

2.  Rainy Nights!

Step one: Stop at the dollar store on your way home from work and raid the candy aisle.  Buy all the movie candy and popcorn you can find.

Step 2:  Rent or check on demand for the first movie you two ever saw in theaters, EVEN if it was bad. Now that you’re married, I’m sure there are things you can do to make it a little more exciting.

Step 3: Recall the memories of the night and I’ll bet it will leave you right where you left off in the early days!


Step One: For some of you this seems impossible I’m sure! But I PROMISE it could change everything. Welcome your husband to your hotel room slash bedroom (wink).  Put a piece of chocolate on each pillows and turn up the music on your phone.

Step 2: Run a bath with candles.  If there is no tub a shower will suffice.

Step 3: As the shower or tub are getting ready, ask how his day was.  Ask if there is something that you could have done today that would have made his day easier.  Tell him you appreciate his efforts for providing for you and the family and that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Step 4: Tell him his shower is ready and when he comes out be ready to talk to one another, love one another and go from there. Just be there for him with no expectations and no tv!

4. A Little Spot in Mexico! (My favorite)

Step one:  Since those little weekend getaways just don’t happen like they used to and vacations seem out of reach, bring that place to you. First stop off at your favorite Mexican restaurant and grab a bag of their chips and salsa to go!

Step 2:  Have your guys favorite Mexican beer/drink chilling in the fridge.

Step 3:  Put the kids to bed. Turn down the lights. Throw on some Carlos Santana, and get the chips and salsa out. Slow dance and talk about beautiful vacations of the past and the ones to come in the future! It will take you away even for just an hour.

5. Fall Nights!

Step One- Buy marshmallows! You know where I’m going with this? You’ll need graham crackers and chocolate too.

Step 2- Buy some firewood. Don’t have a fire pit? That’s ok! Cook them on the grill!

Step 3- Get your coziest throw blanket out to share!

Step 4- Have a candle burning if you don’t have a fire (my favorite fall one here) and talk about your day and days to come.

I hope these 5 little dates inspire your evenings and that they make a difference! Whether you do them once a week or once a month, remember you need to recharge and see the light in each others eyes again. Marriage is your number on priority after God. Don’t forget the reason for your family in the first place. Which idea is you favorite and what will try this week?



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