The 6 Reasons Why Only Jesus Can Give Ultimate Rest

It’s no secret now that I am expecting my first child.  Praise the Lord! I’ve known since I held my little sister at just 7 years old that one of my purposes in this life was to raise up babies and now God has blessed me to do so. I’m over the moon.

But it’s also no secret that being pregnant, a mom, a wife, a friend, an employee etc is tiring! So when you can’t sleep, you’re buried at work, you and your spouse are in argument and your baby is keeping you up, how are you supposed to feel rested? I don’t know about you but physical, emotional and spiritual tiredness can take over and before I know it I’m hysterically crying wondering what’s wrong with me?

I was just recently challenged in this area.  And the funny thing is that this isn’t the first time either. It just looked different so I didn’t realize it was happening again. Last time I was single, searching for meaningful relationships, a fulfilling job, dating etc. I was filling my life with so much so I could find “my happy place” only to find myself extremely stressed out!  Point is, this type of breakdown can hit us at any point in our lives if we don’t guard ourselves. And if I’m going through it then I am betting some of you are too no matter what season of life you are in.

So how do we find ULTIMATE REST?

Extra sleep sounds amazing, a spa day sounds exceptional but only the Lord can refresh in a way that is lasting.  This kind of rest is meaningful, sometimes profound and most always life altering.

What does it look like?

It’s taking a few minutes before bed to pray and read his word.  It’s finding a quiet place in your house or a cozy spot outside to meet with the only one who understands you FULLY!

How does He give us that rest after we meet with him?

  1. He will guide us in the areas that we are completely being boggled down by.
  2. He will calm and encourage us where there is fear and worry
  3. He puts all earthly trials in perspective when he reminds you through his word of how big of a God he is compared to your problems.
  4. He will remind you that he loves you NO MATTER WHAT!
  5. He will bring you a peace that passes all understanding
  6. He will be a friend when it seems that there is no one there to listen or understand

No one else can give that! No one else cares like he does. No one can bring you to a place of joy and rest like he can. No spa day, no extra hour of sleep and no girls day will fill you up and ‘lie you down in green pastures” like our creator.

I’m taking this blog post and bookmarking it for when I start saying “yes” too much or for the days I start feeling overwhelmed in life. I know I need this reminder. This is ultimate rest and only He is my ultimate satisfaction.

Dear Lord,

Remind us that you are our perfect place of rest. That time with you and your Word is the only place that assures us and fully satisfies us. That only you make us fully satisfied. You are our everything. Don’t let us put anything in your place and forgive us if we do. In Your holy name. Amen.

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