5 Things You Need to Know to Get Un-Stuck!



Just because you hear it, it doesn’t mean you are listening. When I think back to all the things I heard when I was growing up, I realize there was so much WISDOM I was given that just never hit me!

I heard things like:

 -“nothing good ever happens after midnight”

-“our past matters to our future”

-“the world offers nothing except drugs, sex, alcohol and dead end dreams” 

…and the list goes on! 

So then WHY did I stay out past midnight, damage pieces of my past, and buy into what the world was trying to sell me? Because I didn’t want to hear it! 

Until I had made every wrong turn, my ears were not ready. But I’m praying you’re here because you are READY TO GET UNSTUCK and I hope to STOP you from some of the WRONG TURNS you are about to take. I want to point you to the ways that will have you experiencing life in a whole new way!

1. Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY (for everything you have ever been through.)- I know, I know. You can’t help who your family is or who that guy ended up being, right? Wrong. I know how hard this is to hear. But when you recognize deep inside that you are FULLY responsible for your decisions or your responses, you will NEVER get anywhere. You will give yourself excuses and stay exactly where you are. I told myself I didn’t know who my boyfriend really was, but that first time I saw him react I knew it was time to leave and I didn’t. See what I’m saying? 

2. The ONLY WAY to change is to CHANGE!- There’s no easy way out. You have to do different, be different and make completely different decisions with your life. You may have to change your friends, your phone number and maybe even your career but you will never change your circumstances if you keep doing, saying and believing the same things over and over. Trust me. This is HARD! I know first hand. But I KNOW that the REWARD is GREAT!  For example, not going out to the bar with everyone and instead doing dinner and shopping ALONE wasn’t easy at first. But I learned to ENJOY ME and the beautiful morning ahead that it brought! I knew I was fun if I could have fun on my own! Or another example, not dating for almost a year until my person came along was HARD! I wanted to substitute my loneliness with that cute guy, who had a good job and nice car many times, but I KNEW in my heart that if I held out for the RIGHT one, I’d be SO much happier IN THE END! 

3. We ATTRACT what we are! This one is HUGE! Whether it’s a job, a lifestyle, a husband or a friend, we’ve attracted it. This takes us back to taking full responsibility. When I thought about the man I REALLY wanted in my life, I knew that type of man wouldn’t have wanted who I was in that moment. So I made changes for the better to become the beautiful person that the man I wanted would want. Then after that any guy that came along that wasn’t what I wanted or wasn’t who I knew I deserved, it was EASY to say “no” to! Settle? No way! Thank God I heard this message! 

4. What looks shiny is dull and what looks dull is shiny!- All those fun times in the bar, walking around in all those pretty outfits downtown, all the money, all the cars, cute guys etc. they were so temporary! But those nights at home learning how to just enjoy the solitude, reading, taking myself on dates, bubble baths, making good friendships outside of the scene, those were priceless! Those were the times that CHANGED ME! Those times made me realize the power in “loving yourself” and trading the late nights for the early morning coffee and talks with Jesus. I was made new. I realized that what looked dull was actually really shiny and what looked shiny led to a life of “dull emptiness”!!!

5. Rise up! Take yourself to the next level. Be brave. Understand that in the beginning things may be hard but like they say “if it’s easy then it’s not worth having!” I care about you. And I know your maker loves you right where you are and is so proud of you! He is just waiting for you to rise up and be all who he created you to be! 

We are all flawed. But we are fabulous. Every small step is another step closer to a better you. Are you going to make changes today? Tell me where you are going to start in the comments below! And don’t forget share!

Get Unstuck
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