3 Ways to Prioritize Your Life and Keep It That Way!

If someone you admired came up to you and said “I want to offer you information that will be life changing,” would you listen?  So why do we consistently push prayer, reading the Word and Sunday morning church to the side?

The Bible is the place where the Lord left all his wisdom, for all areas of our life. So why do we treat it like a secondary option? We take the kids to weekend sports and send the message to them that trading church for activities and passions is ok.  We hit snooze instead of picking up our bibles before work in the morning.  We watch that show on Netflix instead of doing a bible study with our husband after the kids are in bed.  Why do we do this when we have the highest regard of wisdom sitting on our nightstands?

The power that can change your life, your marriage and your kids is at our fingertips and we let it be a thing that we will “get to” eventually.  I’m guilty as charged on some of these too.  But I have narrowed down a way to make sure life doesn’t take the driver seat and we let God take the wheel.

Below is a priority statement.  Have you ever noticed that the things you write down become reality? They truly do.  So I’m giving you a guide for your very own priority statement to keep God first, family second, and let everything else be “that thing that we get to.”

My Top Priority is_________________________________ (ex. My relationship with God comes first, then my husband, and then my family.)

Relationship with God

  1. I will strive to improve__________________ (ex. My relationship with God.)

2. I will honor this by ___________________________ (ex. Reading the word and having prayer time every morning and never allowing my career, passions, phone time or tv time take the front seat.)

3. I will know this priority has been honored when____________________________________________ (ex. Everyone knows that my faith is more important to me then any other passion or financial pursuit.)

My Husband

  1. I will strive to improve my__________________. (ex. Marriage)

2. I will honor this by ___________________ (ex. praying for his daily concerns and struggles, be in bible study with him and support him wherever God calls him.)

3. I will know this priority has been honored when___________________________________________(ex. We are communicating in joy, laughing with each other daily, feel in step with one another and completely at peace.)

My Family

  1. I will strive to improve my______________ (ex. family life)

2. I will honor this by_____________________(ex.  Making them feel valued and loved by turning my phone off for one full day a week and at every meal.  As well as spend one on one time being attentive to their joys, sadness and concerns in life.)

3. I will know this priority has been honored when___________________________ (ex. They do not resent my phone, career, and personal life.

Do you see a trend here?  So first you write your general priority statement, then you break it down.

Priority Statement:____________________________________

  1. I will strive to ________
  2. I will honor this by_________
  3. I will know this priority has been honored when_______

Then repeat 1-3.

After you do this, read the statement as often as possible and watch how your life is changed. You’ll see that the 30 minutes you took to write this little priority statement will impact your days for years to come. Will you take the time to write this out today? Praying you do! And if you do, let me know the changes you’ve seen in a few weeks and I’ll report back to you on mine!  xoxo

This idea of a priority statelment was from the devotional book “Famous in Heaven and At Home.” It is a devotional that is life changing and can be bought here.

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