The 3 Things to Remember When You Don’t Feel Like “Enough”

It seems more and more lately that kids, teens and adults have all been plagued by the comparison trap due to the world we live in.  It causes more anxiety and depression than decades past. As if it wasn’t bad enough before, now we have constant access to all the “beautiful’ people (by the world’s standard) and it’s hurting our minds and our hearts.  We also see the best parts of people’s lives plastered on Facebook as well as the glorious, relaxing lives of celebrities on every channel or Instagram story.  Sure it’s entertaining and I get sucked into it just as much as the next person, but this is why I need Jesus! I need to be slapped upside the head and reminded of the TRUTH almost

You know those amazing custom made gowns that only the most esteemed celebs get to wear to fancy award shows and galas?  Or how about the handmade designer handbags we seek after?  Don’t we just sigh at how amazing some of them are? Don’t we just wish for a minute we could be in our favorite actress’s two story closets choosing whatever we wanted?  We desire and admire what is rare and unique.  And the funny thing is, these are just threads or pieces of leather slapped together.  So what does this have to do with not feeling enough?

Well, one of my favorite verses says this, “I praise you Lord because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. All of your work is wonderful. I know this full well.”  Well my friend, do you realized that you are a genuine miracle? Not even  one of us is alike! We are CUSTOM MADE!  We are better than the rare bag and handmade gown.  We were formed by the designer who designed flowers to bloom and made the oceans turquoise! We were put together by the hands that made the stars and sun. What better designer to be crafted by?  You aren’t simple. You aren’t mundane.  You aren’t just “another person.” You’ve got a designer tag on you and there is not another one of you out there.

So when you begin to cringe thinking someone is more beautiful, more successful, more fit, a better mom, a better wife etc., guard your heart and minds with these 3 very real truths:

  1. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  2. “I am who God says I am.”
  3. “I am custom made!”

And don’t just let it stop there.  Remember these are also true for your children, your husband and anyone else you meet.  It’s easy to forget when someone bothers us that they are also designed and handmade by the God who adores them.  It also may be hard for some of us to see a gorgeous mom who seems to have it all together, someone we know that makes us insecure, a drug addict, the opposite race, a homosexual or anyone else that’s different from us as “God’s masterpiece.” But you must face the truth that they are and should be treated that way. We are all so much more then “enough.”

Let’s love each other. Because honestly, when you start loving what once bothered you, you will love yourself a little more.

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