These 4 Things Need to Change For You to Get Unstuck! Telling you my story in hopes to change yours. (MY TESTIMONY)

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Mama, Do you feel like it’s groundhog day everyday? Do you feel like you want to make a change in how you’ve been living but you just don’t know how? Are you feeling stuck in your life and just know that it can’t keep going this way?  I’ve been there!

On today’s episode I spill all the tea about my past. I’m not doing this to dig up my failures but instead to share how it can be a catalyst to everything that’s great in your life. Yes, it’s true, God is the only path to getting unstuck but we still have to take action and leaps of faith, trusting that He will catch us (because He will.)

After today, you will leave behind all the things that have kept you from growing and moving forward. And because of that, your life is about to change for the better. Are you ready to get “unstuck?”

XOXO, Jill


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