Make the Change

Many of us are happy getting up doing our normal lives.  It’s comfortable. Day in and day out and
making the best of it.  But then other
days you wake up and say “there’s got to more.” 
Well, at least that’s what has been happening with me the last 2 years.

I read a quote that said “It’s only when Christ dwells
within our hearts, that we discover who we are and what we were intended to
be.” After I read that, it totally made sense to me why I have been having
these tugs at my heart to be “more.” I have been delighting in my relationship
with God and he without a doubt dwells in my heart and is showing me my
purpose.  So why am I still in the same
place?  That’s the difficult part….change.

I keep having opportunities to make a change.  I have opportunities to get out of the same
mundane things that I’ve been doing, yet I won’t take the plunge!  Why?! I keep battling that question myself.
Then I realize- I’m scared.  I’m scared
that when I get there I won’t like it or I will fail or it won’t really be
where God wants me.  So there I sit, in
my same comfy seat and don’t make a move. 

Is that what God wants for us?  To just be comfortable?  To just be happy right where we are
forever?  Of course he wants us to be
joyful and thankful in all of our circumstances. But to stay complacent and not ever
grow?  In fact, I KNOW that’s not what he

Think about your earthly father, does he want to see you
locked up in your same old life or does he want to see you grow and be
successful?  For most of us, it’s the
latter. So imagine what your all loving, amazing Father in heaven wants for
you! The bible tells us over and over how God wants us to be abundant in all
things.  These are the words I need to
focus on when I freeze thinking about change. These are the words I need to
meditate on!  God wants it ALL For me! He
wants to see me reach my full potential and I’m not talking just
financially.  I’m talking about in love,
relationships, children and my career. He wants the same for you too!

Jesus said to us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill
and destroy; I have come so that you may have life and have it
ABUNDANTLY!”  Then he said “For I know
the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to
give you hope and give you a future.” 

What an amazing word from your creator. THAT’S what he
wants! And that’s more than enough to take off the security blankets and make
the change. 

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