When the struggle is REAL…

Uh. That thing.  Like
a needle in the side. That one thing you need to let go of so that you can grow
and be better but you keep going back to it because it’s comfortable or fun or
satisfying in the moment.  Whether it’s a
relationship, habit or both, we’ve all got them.  But how do we face them?  How do we let them go once and for all?  We know it’s SO not good for us, yet we
continue to let it rule our thoughts, our feelings and sometimes even our lives.

Do you know what your struggle is?  Ya know, the one that is so real that after
you’ve gone back to that place, it gives you this painstaking guilt that ruins
you for days or sends you in a downward spiral?  Contrary to what you may
think, this is actually really good news!  There is a positive in this.  It means you are being worked on.  If you didn’t feel that tap on the shoulder
saying “I don’t want this for you” then it means you haven’t asked God to
change you. But YOU HAVE.  And you
deserve a huge pat on the back.  Many
people have struggles that they ignore and never let themselves be changed
because they convince themselves that what they are doing is right.  But you have allowed something greater than
you to start a work in your heart.

So let’s go back to “that thing.”  The one you say you’ll never go back to but you’ve
found yourself there again.  Hold on to
that thought for a moment.  Hold on to
the very thought of that person, place or thing, take a deep breath and say “I
release this from me. I release this to something so much bigger than me.  It is no longer mine and it I give it to you
God.”  Then also remember it is so
important not to hate the thing that
you need to let go of.  Hate is a strong
emotion that will keep you bonded to it. 
Instead, do the opposite. Pray for the very thing that seems attached to
you.  Pray the words:

 “Dear Lord, I pray for this struggle. 
I pray that it leaves my life because it is not for me.  I pray for this struggle with loving
thoughts.  I know you Lord and I know
that this is something that you will overcome because you are my strength.  I can’t do this on my own but I know with you
anything is possible.”

Are you already feeling better?  THAT is the power of prayer.  Now imagine doing these two things every day,
more than once a day.  Imagine the result
it would produce.  It’s not always easy
to fight these battles but there is a verse in Exodus that says “The LORD will
fight for you; you need only to be still,” and I believe with my whole heart
that it is referring to being still in prayer and letting the Lord fight for
you.  I’ve seen first-hand so many of my
own battles won in prayer.  I’ve come a
long way by fighting battles on my knees.  I am still being perfected every day. I still
have so many struggles to get past and as life goes on, there’s always going to
be another battle to fight but it sure is comforting to know that there is
someone fighting with me and He is the overcomer of all overcomers!  He cheated death so don’t doubt for a second
that he won’t win your battle for you.

So yes, the struggle is real.  But those still moments are some of the best
moments of my life and I know they will be some of yours too.  I promise. 
And remember, don’t beat yourself up if you fail a time or two.  God’s grace is sufficient for you. Receive his
Grace and don’t hold on to past mistakes. Let them only catapult you to
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