He Came for Someone Like Me

I used to sit and think about how I didn’t measure up to a “good
religious person.”  I knew God loved me
in some way but I never felt “good enough.” 
I looked around at other people at church or even certain social
settings and thought, “I have so much work to do.” I thought about all my
mistakes and sins and felt so unworthy of God’s love to the point that I would just
separate myself from God even further. 

I also allowed people into my life that spoke negative words
over me and treated me badly. They made me feel damaged and unworthy of God’s
best. I questioned if I would even make it into heaven with all of my mistakes. 

But 2 years ago on August 18, 2013 I attended a Christian
service (as opposed to the Catholic churches I attended in the past.) The
pastor caught my attention when he said I was forgiven the day I believed that
Jesus died for my sins. He said Jesus knew all my mistakes I had made and he
knew all the ones I’d make in the future and still loves me more than any love
I could imagine. That’s why he hangs on the cross. For a sinner like me. For my
failures. For my sins- so that I could go to heaven!

I fell in love that day. 
I fell in love with a man named Jesus. He became so much more to me then
a person in a story that I should be good for.  All that I had ever done wrong was forgiven by
God because this loving and sinless man loved me so much that he offered
himself to be tortured so that I could live in eternity with him and his father.

Jesus said “It is not the healthy that need a doctor, but
the sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners.”-  Mark 2:17

I’m so in love now. I have discovered the greatest love story of
all….Jesus and Jill’s. I want nothing more than to please this man who saved me
from hell. He changed my life. I know my worth now. I won’t accept
anything less than God’s best. My life is filled with so much peace and direction.
 And it’s all because he came for someone like me.
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